Saturday, July 8, 2017

Drake - 8 Months

I feel horrible, I totally skipped 7 months! I was drowning with my new calling of YW President and then the subsequent camp fundraiser two weeks later and then a big car show for my work two weeks after that I was pretty much spent. But I cannot skip this one because there are just too many milestones!

At 8 months, Drake

-Is full fledged crawling now. He went from 0 to 10 basically overnight, kind of wild! He never really did the army crawling thing like Carter did. I will admit, it was kind of nice having him crawl a little later at 7 months vs 5 months with Carter.

-Also can pull himself up on furniture if it's low enough.Yikes.

-Has two front bottom teeth. Richard and I could have sworn that a third one was coming in at the bottom but it seemed to have retracted? Lol who knows

-Still sleeping it the pack n play. He was in his crib for awhile but then he learned how to pull up and we haven't lowered it yet.

-Is also still a pretty terrible sleeper. He will have a few good nights a week where he will give me a 6 hour stretch but most of the time he's up every 3 hours. I am a complete zombie. Logistically I just can't figure out a way to sleep train him without him waking up Carter in the process. Ideas are welcome.

-Loves him some food! Doesn't seem averted to anything and is really good about chewing and handling his food. We give him baby food but also just any of our food that is softer from our plates. He's doing great!

-Is just the sweetest little baby in the entire world. All you have to do is look at him and he'll give you the biggest smile and his eyes light up and *sigh* he's such a dreamboat. I still get comments anytime I take him anywhere because of his sweet countenance and big blue eyes.

-Has me questioning his hair color again. Looks blonde indoors but reddish outdoors. He also has a lot more hair than Carter did at this age. It reminds me of little duckling down, so cute!

-Is still super wiggly and loves to pull hair. Both of which makes holding him for long periods of time kind of difficult.

-Still loves Carter and is constantly crawling all over him. Carter is very patient but is not the biggest fan of all the physical attention.

-Is actually kind of into binkies now! I tried it about a month or so ago when he was teething and he took right too it.

-Fits into 12-18 month clothes and is still in size 4 diapers. If I'm in a pinch though, he can wear Carter's diapers and clothes.

-Loves his Daddy and is so soothed by him. Richard can put him to sleep by just holding him. He's a total miracle worker.

-Is a bit cuddle bug. He will give lots of good nuzzles right in our necks/shoulders

-Reacts to funny things or things that he's excited about by making this pterodactyl sound by inhaling. It is such a weird little noise. I have it on video but I'm too lazy to upload it.

-Makes me so, so tired but also makes me want 1,000 more babies just like him. We love you baby Drake

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