Thursday, May 11, 2017

Drake - Happy Half Year!

Happy half year, little love bug! I just can't believe it. I remember the day he was born too well. Literally like it was yesterday. I know I always say 3-6 months is my favorite. But the 6th month with this one isn't looking too shabby :)

At 6 months Drake...

- Is soo so wiggly! Homeboy can not sit still for one minute. Thus ALL of the blurry pictures ;)

- Is also still incredibly happy. He has his moments, as all babies do. However, if he's fussy just picking him up and holding him will usually fix 90% of his problems. So remember readers! If you currently have a colicky baby...there's hope!!

-Loves to sit straight up. Most of his "chairs" (high chair, bouncer, swing, carseat etc) are slightly reclined so if there's any slack on the straps, he will lean forward in order to sit straight up. So needless to say, he can sit up on his own now. I still keep a boppy wrapped around him if I'm not right there though because he is so wiggly that he's fallen backwards a few times.

-Has his first tooth! It's his bottom right one. He's always liked to chew on things (mostly blankets), but really didn't show any signs of discomfort until just a few days before it broke through

-If he's laying down on the ground, bed, etc...he loves when you look at him so you're upside down. He thinks it's hysterical

-Has discovered his voice. He squeals and blows bubbles all day long. His laughs have also really taken form now and if we kiss his neck or if Richard tickles his ribs we can really get him going.

-Is a very inquisitive boy. He really can lock in and concentrate on something. He likes to play with some of Carter's more complex toys instead of the typical baby rattles

-Is so happy when he's around other kids. Or just people in general. So far, he's okay with having whoever hold him and generally just appreciates having a lot of attention.

-Gets compliments every where we goes about his blue eyes. My phone isn't very good so these pictures never do them justice but they are beautiful.

-Is still HUGE. I have his 6 month appointment tomorrow, but I'm guessing he's at least 23 pounds. He cannot fit into anything smaller than 12 months and is currently in size 4 diapers

-Has gotten to be a better sleeper at night. I shoved his pack n play to the other side of our bedroom so he's as far away from us as possible and he slept through the night for the next week (with the exception of few 5am feedings). It was GLORIOUS. He reverted quite a bit because I think he's teething again? But that week of 7+ hour stretches reminded me that life will eventually be good again haha

-However, his naps have taken a turn for the worse and he has decided his crib is a torture chamber? We're working on it.

-Has had baby oatmeal cereal as well as green beans, peas and has gummed on a few pieces of fruit. He is able to eat from a spoon a lot better than Carter did and is generally just pumped that he gets to be included.

-Has had a few formula bottles. My milk supply dropped a lot around 6 months with Carter as well. I remember with Carter I panicked and tried everything: lactation cookies, supplements, woke up in the middle of the night to pump...the works, and nothing really seemed to help. This time I'm not going to sweat it. I usually pump around 9ish ounces while I'm at work and at that rate, he'll have to have one bottle of formula to supplement. Since I work MWF, that equates to maybe 3 bottles of formula a week, so I'm okay.

-Doesn't crawl, per se...but he sure does move around. If I put him on a blanket and leave the room, I'll come back to him being completely off the blanket. He can push himself onto all fours, but for now he just rolls and wiggles around to get where he wants.

-LOVES both of his Grandma's. He loves his extended family as well...but man, when I drop this kid off on the days that I work with Grandma Willis and Grandma Rindlisbacher he lights up like a Christmas tree.

-Overall is still such a sweet, happy, loving baby. If you're lucky enough to get one of his smiles you will know what I mean. He just has this way about you that makes you feel like you're the best person in the world. And what person doesn't need that?

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