Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pics with Santa 2017

12 Months of Drake

Well, 10...but who's counting :)

Drake - ONE YEAR!

I am almost a month late in posting about my sweet baby boy's first birthday. I should really be fined, it's that embarrassing.

We did too much for Carter's first birthday (as all first time parents do...) so we decided to pair things back but still make the day special for little Drakey. We had a little party at home with just family, some yummy food and of course, a smash cake.

^^ the face of defeat

^^ "ya, i'm done"

^^ "over itttttt"

At one year, Drake...

-Loves garbage trucks almost as much (maybe even more) than Carter does.

-Says MAMA now!!!!! Took the kid a whole year but he finally did it! And a few days later he spat out "truck." Dada may have taken first place, but I'm so relieved I at least beat out truck!

-Has way too much testosterone. He wants to rough house allllllll dayyyyy long and loves getting thrown around. It's so cute when it's with Daddy, not so cute when it involves him pulling my hair and smacking me in the face.

-Has had a pretty drastic change to his personality. He used to be my "sweet" little boy and now he is 100% mischief.

-Wants to be outside all the time. If we have to go outside for whatever reason, we have to either move him to another room or distract him with a toy because he will BOLT after us to try to get out too.

-Still loves his brother and is noticeably sad when they're separated.

-Is a pretty picky eater. Unless vegetables are covered in some kind of sauce, he wont eat them. I guess I got spoiled with Carter who eats vegetables without even a trace of salt....but ugh. I guess this is karma for me, since I'm not the biggest veggie fan myself.

-Has lost interest in his binky and bottle. I still give him a bottle most of the time because I just haven't bought new sippy cups yet but Drake has no attachment to either one anymore. I think when he got a bad cold it was difficult to breathe while using either so he kind of just self weaned.

-Is at the 92% for height and 95% for weight. Still enormous, but definitely a difference from his "off-the-charts" days

-Is starting to like reading books a bit more now, but unfortunately likes ripping them apart even more. He's probably destroyed at least 10 books now. However, his current favorite is the Very Hungry Caterpillar

-Flirts with everyone when we're outside. Smiles and waves for days to everyone. The old ladies at Target love us.

-Is still OBSESSED with dogs. Nothing makes him happier than dogs and garbage trucks

-Is so so so busy, as you can see from these photos. I have never been so tired (ha!)

Drake, this year with you has been an adventure to say the least. You make my hair gray but melt my heart even more. I have a feeling I will always have a special soft spot in my heart just for you, my sweet baby blue ;)