Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Drake - 11 Months

10 days late, but OH MYYY do these pictures make up for it. Look at this kids face! I just cannot handle him sometimes. Can't believe little mister will be ONE next month!

At 11 months, Drake

-Is a champion walker. He'll even run sometimes when Richard chases him around the condo. He walks so differently than Carter did. Carter was super bow-legged and Drake almost marches around with how high he picks up his knees, so cute.

-Still gets stopped everywhere about his blue eyes. I feel like maybe people just don't expect them after looking at Carter and I when we're out.

-Loves to wrestle with Carter. If Carter is laying on the ground to get his diaper changed, Drake will bolt over and body slam him and proceed to roll all over him. Carter loves it, luckily.

-Hates shoes. I'm always terrible about putting my kids in shoes before they walk. I thought I would be the type to dress them up but it just never was worth the extra step to me. However, since he's walking now...he kind of has to wear shoes. So I was putting some hand-me-downs on him and he just didn't even know what to do with his feet when they were on. #momfail... I'll have to get some super soft soled ones to help him transition because he's just not having it!

-Still is a big fan of bath time. However, he's not one to stay in forever either. He'll let you know when he's done. Usually after 10 minutes or so.

-Is sleeping through the night!!! I wish I would have just done it sooner, dang it. We put Carter's toddler bed into our room for 4 days and went to work. The first night we laid Drake down in his crib, sleepy, but awake and he cried for 30 minutes and went to sleep. The second night, he cried for 5 minutes and went to sleep. The 3rd night, he whined until I shut the door, then he went right to sleep. Literally the easiest thing ever. Life is just so much easier when you can get at least a 7 hour stretch.

-Is still such an animal lover, especially dogs. We have this little stuffed pink poodle that Richard's grandma gave to us and Drake is obsessed with it and sleeps with it every night lol

-Can officially climb things now. His favorite being Carter's toddler bed and the couch. Today instead of grabbing him down from the couch, I just kind of hovered and wanted to see how he planned on getting down. To my surprise, he turned around and went down feet first! I don't know if he learned that from watching Carter, but I am very, very grateful.

-Is in the process of getting like 4 new teeth. One on his bottom left has poked through, but his gums are so swollen and sore, poor buddy

-Still only says Dada, but is continually babbling more. Fingers crossed for a "mama" for Christmas!

^^I cannot get over this photo. I laugh out loud every time!

-Eats so.much.food. I feed him the same amount as Carter and he'll sometimes want more. I'm glad we got a Costco card this year because I have a feeling with 3 big boys in our home...we're going to need it.

-Got transitioned into Carter's old convertible car seat and has a bit more wiggle room which I think he likes! 

-Love you my little Drakey Pakey!!! (sorry if you're embarrassed reading this 15 years later) You are the perfect addition to our family and we are so grateful your goofball self belongs to us.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Drake - 10 Months

I really don't even feel bad for being 2 weeks late on this post because my life is the craziest (some good, but mostly not) it's ever been! However, I've already missed a month with this little dude and some big things have happened with him that I just must document! Also, his face in pictures is just too much. I could just devour him. Also, he's naked this time because onesies aren't made big enough to fit 2T lol

At 10 months Drake...

-Is still such a cuddle bug. Although he is so, so, SOOO wiggly...he still craves lots of cuddle time with mama.

-On that same note, when he wants cuddles and I'm busy with something, he will cling onto my leg until I pick him up which makes things impossible to get done (like getting out of the door on time in the morning for work...)

-Is WALKING! He took his first few steps late in his 9th month but he can easily walk across a room now. I was walking fully at 9 months, Richard was 10 and Carter was early 11 so it might just be a genetic thing because I sure know I wasn't helping encourage it.

-Is not a big fan of green vegetables. I attribute this to us being much more lenient with his food than we were with Carter #2ndchildprobs

-Is still built like a total cinder block. However, I've had multiple people tell me he's starting to thin out. (tear) Also, he and Carter can still pretty much share clothes and diapers. |

-Is obsessed with dogs. If he so much as sees one in a commercial on TV he will laugh, wave or babble excitedly at it.

-Adores Carter and thinks he's just the funniest person in the entire world. However, he's not a fan of hugs. Poor Carter will try and Drake will literally push him off with two hands.

-Had a really good couple of weeks where he was sleeping almost all the way through the night. This has changed a bit over the last week or so and I'm hoping it's just some more teething.

-Is done nursing. We were down to just nursing when he woke up in the middle of the night. Otherwise, my supply was just so low and he just didn't have the interest/patience to nurse. I thought I'd be sad, but I'm actually totally fine with it! Drake was so over it so I don't feel like I'm depriving him at all. However, washing bottles is such a pain...

-Loves being outside. If we even crack the door, he bolts. We just laid some new sod in our backyard and I can't wait until I can just throw both those boys back there to play again :)

-Still only says dada. No other words yet. I don't know if my expectations were skewed because Carter had a 5 word vocab at 5 months, but I was a little worried. Google says first words usually happen around their first birthday so that helped my mama heart a bit! He will sit through books a little better now though so I think that should really help!

-Loves bath time. Will bolt whenever he hears the bathroom door open, which is sometimes a big hassle since we're in the middle of potty training Carter

-Has so much hair. The kid really needs a haircut but I just can't imagine him sitting still for someone yet.

-Speaking of hair...he pulls my hair at any chance he gets and YIKES it hurts!!

-Still loves climbing all over me and smacking me in the face while I'm on the ground. He basically just beats me up all day long but I just can't ever be mad at him...his face is too cute.

We love you Drakey boy! Can't believe we're starting to think about your BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Drake - 9 Months

Holy smokes, this kid killed it in his photoshoot today. All smiles, all heart eyes, all the time.

At 9 months Drake,

Has two new top teeth that started to poke through to accompany his bottom two teeth. There looks to be another tooth on the top left coming through as well, but I'll believe it when I see it! I said the same thing about a bottom tooth and it tucked back under. He had been acting pretty crabby for a few days and we thought it was from a change in his diet, but then his teeth poked on through! His smile is even cuter now, if that's possible.

Crawls SO fast, especially when he notices Carter walking away from a favorite toy. He knows he only has a limited amount of time to snatch it. He also climbs up on everything, can climb stairs and walks along furniture. Luckily his clumsy stage was pretty short and he now knows how to get down from anything pretty gracefully. He still tries some pretty dangerous stunts but since but I don't feel like I have to hover over him all the time, which has been great.

Finally is starting to be a bit vocal. His first word was....drumroll.....
Dada, of course. Not shocked about that in the least. He's obsessed with his Daddy. He pronounces it closer to "duh duh" but we're counting it!

Definitely prefers adult food over pureed baby food. Looking back, I feel like he has always kind of been this way. He's a great eater (obviously) and has never gagged once on anything. Honestly, it is much easier going the baby-led weaning route so I don't mind one bit. However, we still keep some packs of veggie baby food on hand for those nights that the rest of us just have pizza ;)

Is still in size 4 diapers but needs to wear at least 18 month clothing. Him and Carter share the same size swim diaper and some clothing haha

Is a pretty terrible napper still. We're at the point where he'll take his short morning nap (30-40 mins) in the car seat when we go for an errand and his longer afternoon nap (1-1.5 hrs) in the swing. He does decent at sleeping in his crib at night but for whatever reason he just will not stay down for naps. I vaguely remember Carter doing the same thing and growing out of it though so I'm not loosing hope. I've also learned that a swing nap is better than no nap, so we're rolling with it.

LOVES Carter. That boy can get him laughing like no other. I am just obsessed with their relationship and am starting to be happy that we had them so close together. Key word: starting.

Has had way more junk food than Carter ever had at his age. Carter never tasted chocolate or ice cream or pizza or anythinggg until he was at least a year old. Drake on the other hand...whoops

Loves the water, especially the splash pad. Totally laughs when he gets sprayed in the face. Makes my life easy because it happens quite often

Is developing some pretty wild, unruly hair. I think he would definitely benefit from a little trim around his ears and off the top. However, I think a fairy loses their wings every time a less-than-one-year-old gets a haircut, so I'll wait just a few more months.

Still slays me with those enormous blue eyes. I am completely immune to them and I recognize that I'm in big trouble.

LOVES it when I lay on the ground and let him crawl all over me. Bonus points if he gets to pull my hair.

Hasn't seemed to develop any type of stranger danger yet, he'll still let anyone hold him

Is still the most wiggly kid in the universe and cannot sit still for the life of him. Sometimes I get tired just watching how busy my kids are

Will grant you a huge smile from simply just giving him eye contact. It's the best.

Is really only called Drake if he's being naughty (Draaaaake). Otherwise, he's Drakey, Drakers, Drakey Pakey or Draker Paker

Drakey baby your family loves you so much and feel so blessed that we can call you ours.